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     We offer a large variety of siding options. Below is some information on our most popular. Please call us with any questions.
Seamless Insulated Siding
The new and patented attachment system is designed to stop the expansion and contraction problems when vinyl siding is nailed or attached incorrectly. The ferrule studs are evenly placed in 4" increments. You no longer have to worry that the nail was placed too far to one side of the nailing slot, or angled too high or too low. By fastening the siding through the ferrule studs, each fastener is now in the correct position. The ferrule studs also prevent the nail from being installed upward or downward. Now the attachment strip is fastened to the wall and allows the siding to expand and contract freely. Eliminator XL 29 is attached with exterior screws for piece of mind installation.

Features & Benefits:
  • Ferrule studs every 4" on center to guide the installation screws into their proper position
  • Leaves 1/32 gap between the wall and siding allowing the siding to expand and contract freely
  • 300% Greater impact resistance than ordinary sidings
  • Supports the panels form one end to the other eliminating the possibility of sagging
  • Increases the wind load to over 270 mph
  • Dramatically increases attachment strength
  • Siding is fastened to the wall with screws rather than nails. Provices for 100% piece of mind installation
  • Energy Savings Pledge of 25%
  • R-Value of to 7.0
  • Elegant brushed wood finish
  • Double 4.5" Clapboard and Dutch Lap,
    Double 6' & 3" over 3"
  • .048 premium gauge panel thickness
  • 29 foot panels allows for virtually seamless installation
  • Available in a range of beautiful architectural colors
  • Lifetime Written Warranty including color fading


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